Jet spray/hose? Muddy path.


Not only is my old hose more than a bit battered it also doesn´t fit on the taps in a new house.

Has anyone got any recommendations for a hose that I can attach to different kinds of taps?

A requirement would be that is has to be really long (or is there one where you can actually attach mid section to make it longer or shorter)? - no outside tap either and the 2 I would use are different types - strange shaped bathrooms ones and also a single mixer type that is more square-ish.

Also, I had to "jet wash" some old paving that is absolutely filthy (I´ve recently moved to a property that was not looked after for at least 3 years). It´s mostly mud and I have spent ages taking most of that off, including all the weeds. Now I have to clean it, but did read that jet washing can damage the stone. So I´m kind of wondering if a hose might be better, or is there some kind of power wash that has different pressure settings?

I have tried the water and brush thing on a section of the path I need to clean and it took ages and ages and still looks dirty (though not compared to the rest of the path).

Well, thanks for any advice . . . .


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    Visit a garden centre, a DIY shop or online.

    You will find hoses of all lengths  available. You will also find parts to join lengths of hose together.

    You will also find a selection of fittings  for taps. You will need to know the size of your tap to see if there is an attachment that will fit. I doubt you will get one for a square tap.

    I visited my local garden centre where an assistant was able to advise me on what I needed.
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    Joining 2shorter hoses together is more useful than one long hose i found.
    A long one is harder to store or wind up.
    I had my old slabs that were neglected for 20yrs recently relaid and the man said use a stiff brush regularly. He got better results than i do but they looked amazing.
    I've noticed the dirt, dust is in the rain which is annoying.
    Got to admit I got on my hands and knees with bleach, scrubbed with a very stiff brush and rinsed with water and a yard broom when i first moved in. The slabs were concrete ones and it did then no harm.
    What sort of stone are yours?

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    Might this be a good reason to use one of those expandable hoses. Something you could attach to the existing hose that wouldn't take up too much room when empty of water?
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    Any stone used for paving should be fine with jet washing. The problem is usually with the mortar used in the joints if it is in a poor condition which can be loosened or broken up.
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