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pjlillpjlill Forumite
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Just wanted to make people aware that the MSE deal "For us, at this data level, this Lebara deal with 3GB/mth of data, unlimited minutes and texts stands out. It's £2.45/mth for the first four months, then £4.90/mth, making it equivalent to £4.09/mth over a 12-month period" is incorrect.

Click on the MSE link, and the Lebara page is a straight £4.90 offer.  I switched to the deal and can confirm that's exactly what you get.  IIRC there was some initial mention of a discount when I signed up but I can't find any mention of it now on their website or in my email records.  I'm not too bothered - not hanging on a line to argue the toss over £5 - but might be worth updating that info.


  • HonestJohnHonestJohn Forumite
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    When I clicked on the link I saw '50% off first 4 months for new customers. Promotion applied at checkout' in green at the top of the page.
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  • pjlillpjlill Forumite
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    Ah, very true, that's where it was.  Discount doesn't actually happen though.  I probably I should call them sometime...
  • Rodders53Rodders53 Forumite
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    You should have noticed when the first payment in advance was not the £2.45 you expected and stopped before going ahead, and paying!

    I signed up months back at £5 / £2.50.  Lebara have since then knocked off 10p to be the £4.90 offer. Twice. Me and my better half.

    Last bod with a similar issue went via a different link rather than the MSE one...
  • darleydamedarleydame Forumite
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    I have signed up to Lebara 3gb deal and the offer was half price for 6 months but have only just noticed that the confirmation email only offers 4 months.
    As pjlill says its not worth the bother to chase and I don't have evidence.

    I have also changed my husband onto the 1gb offer and this time have taken a screen shot of Lebara' s confirmation page which does show the 6 month deal.

    Only reservation I have is we are both on the same network which might be annoying if there is no signal.
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