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I wonder if anyone else has been caught by this company, I did not sign up to them, but they took £15.00 from my bank account. I have contacted them and cancelled an account they set up in my name and demanded they refund my money. It came from a company from whom I made a purchase, I would recommend avoiding them. I notice people had problems with some years ago and they are still in operation.


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    What company did you make a purchase from?  Potentially there is something in the T&Cs attached to the purchase that set up a  subscription or similar with this other company.  (named "Complete Savings"?)
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    How can I join Complete Savings?
    You may be offered the opportunity to sign up to Complete Savings after completing a purchase or reservation on the website of one of our marketing partners.
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    It's very easy to get caught by these kind of offers. I just did an online Asda shop and at the end I got a very "Asda" looking offer of £15 off my next shop. It would only be a couple of clicks and the unwary are into one of these what I believe shady deals. Small print does explain the Ts&Cs but it is small. 

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  • The company was Moonpig, who sell cards and gifts. I have managed to sort everything now.
  • I was caught by this scam - no idea how I managed to subscribe but when you call to cancel you need a subsription number (which I didn' have as I was never aware of subscribing) to progress the call so it's answered by customer service.  The contact us email address just bounced my email straight back - so basically you can't contact them to cancel and so there are instances on Google reporting they've been paying for years!  I prevented any further payments by cancelling my credit card.  Clearly not convenient course of action but it did the trick.  My bank were very unhelpful implying I had consented to the monthly subscription.  However, my understanding is that no contract is legally binding unless both parties intend for there to be a contract and are therefore aware of this intention.
  • Hi All.

    First post so please be gentle with me if this ends up on the wrong thread or some such.
    Re Complete Savings.

    For 13 months they have been taking £15 per/month.

    Did not spot on bank statement as is a busy account with multiple £15 going out for ULEZ & Congestion Charge in London (1 to 5 days a week) and all at or about the same value.

    So yes, I accept that I was not on the ball however, after spotting it I contacted them through a generic on-line supplied number and told them to stop now. They were on it immediately with a scripted reply that " I had knowingly signed up while purchasing an item from Argos" & " I had filled out a form, provided bank details and signed".

    I did not.

    I believe Argos 'ported' my account details over and it was a done deal. I may have ticked a box for a saving on my next purchase however it is not made clear how this operates and as stated above, I did not provide account details for them to 'garnish' funds from.

    I was not provided with a 'Welcome' email with T & C's for me to peruse @ my leisure.

    Personally I believe it is a slick 'legal' scam that relies on folk having busy lives with no time to see full picture.

    'Porting' bank details over from the various businesses they are signed up to is underhand at best, in my opinion.

    I can easily afford the lost funds, and feel no shame in being caught out however I do worry for those for who the loss of £15 a month would cause stress and possible bank charges.

    Review sites have glowing 5 star reviews that praise it to the sky and stand behind the brand and then throw accusations and derision at those who 'just don't understand how it works and should stop knocking it'. These reviews have a whiff about them and generally sprout the C.S party line that (as above) " I had filled out a form, provided bank details and signed" so it is now "all my own fault for signing up......"

    C.S are, in my own opinion, underhand, devious, arrogant and should be better regulated.

    There, I said it rant over.

    Cheers all.
  • @Earwegoagain Best to start your own thread really, better not to hi-jack someone elses.
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