School Trip Refund

Good afternoon,
Was wondering if anyone could advise where we stand with a School Trip refund.
Original Trip, Battlefields in Belgium cost of £325, was planned for late March 2020, this was postponed for obvious reasons and rearranged by the school for October 2020, which we were told we would have to pay a £45 rearrangement fee. We did not pay this as did not agree.
Trip was again postponed to May 2021.
Come May the school then said they were cancelling the trip and would be in touch re refunds if any. 
I had to chase this up this week as we had not heard anything and was informed there would be a refund but this would be less deposits.
A refund has come in today for £26.
Are we liable for the loss or is it the school?


  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    Who was the trip arranged through?

    Who did you pay?

    How did you pay?

    Did the organiser  cancel or did the school cancel?

  • Sonic75Sonic75 Forumite
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    We as parents haven't been told 'the partners' that the school use that the trip was arranged through, I have looked back at communications and the school apparently paid in full for the trip in September 2019 which was before all instalments had been paid for by parents. We booked and paid with the school.
    We don't use credit cards so paid with monies from our current account in instalments.
    I don't know whether the organiser or school cancelled
  • onashoestringonashoestring Forumite
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    What were the T&Cs of the contract with the school- did you get something in writing? 
  • eskbankereskbanker Forumite
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    Potentially a difficult chain to unpick - the money presumably went parent > school > trip organiser > travel/accommodation providers, and the specific terms under which each of these payments were made will govern how far back along the chain any refunds flow, which in turn will depend on who cancelled, so it won't be possible to determine whether the school (or anyone else) has any further liability to the parents without knowing more specific details....
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