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Husband who recently suggested divorce has backtracked but wants to see financial advisor



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    It's not clear what he wants to achieve from seeing a financial adviser. Financial advisers don't advise couples on how to budget. That's Citizens Advice / debt adviser territory.
    They also don't advise on divorces (that's a solicitor's job) although people may want to see an adviser after or during a divorce to seek advice on how to live off the divorce settlement or handle a Pension Sharing Order.
    In short unless you want financial advice yourself then going to the meeting sounds like a waste of your time. Whether you disclose your budgeting to your husband is entirely up to you. He certainly doesn't need to know how much you spend on cigs.
    If he has exceeded your threshold for stupid questions and pointless hassle you can consider seeing a solicitor yourself about divorcing.
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    Long story but recently husband has wanted a divorce.
    He's said my son and I can keep the house and he'll rent a flat, which I don't think is fair, as he's pumped a lot into the property we're in.
    One possible scenario is that he has told his mates about his overly-generous offer and they've told him he's a mug and to get advice to make sure he hangs on to more of his money before going ahead with the divorce.
    They may have you down as a money-grabbing harridan who will take him for as much as you can.
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