Solar panels - are they worth it now?



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    Yvo said:
    I'm on their agile export and at times (not often) I am selling my energy for more then I am buying in as I'm on a fixed rate contract taken out before the energy crisis.

    I do actually regret buying the batteries as they at the moment give me a marginal benefit and they were quite expensive, but perhaps they will be more beneficial in the future.

    Long story short, I do think it's worth it especially if you go through a Solar Together type scheme!
    Very interesting post, thank you. We have panels from years ago and I love them - we were lucky enough to get the FiT payments but I’m desperate to move ASAP and will definitely miss them. But from your post it seems like you do get a bit of income from new panels anyway? Is that only for the energy you don’t use/doesn’t go into the battery?

    I’m properly in the fence about whether or not we would get a battery. I think in the long run it could be good, and I like that you can suck greener energy into it for cheap overnight too, especially useful in winter. Will look up Solar Together now, thanks! (Edit: not in my area unfortunately, good idea though thank you)
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    I've just had a survey and quote for panels + battery. Estimated annual usage is 5500 kWh and our price per unit is climbing to 28p on 1st April.  Estimated generation is 4217 kWh, with 1650 being used directly, 1313 directed to the battery, 121 lost during battery charging/discharging and 1254 going back to the grid. All works out as 52% of our annual usage coming from solar, which I feel would cut our bills in half, saving around £1,000 per year, meaning we break even in year 8/9.  With costs expected to rise again in October, it could be shorter.

    it feels like a good option if energy prices stay at current levels or rise further. Still doing my homework though so any comments are very welcome.
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    lisyloo said:
    Normal solar systems in the UK can't cover all our energy consumption.
    This is because energy has to be used when generated and we need lighting/heating when there is no sun. 
    People should also realise it's property specific e.g. the way the roof faces and how much sun it gets.
    Also whether there is shading from a chimney.
    They can't rely on general numbers for anything other than a ball park.
    I suppose it depends upon your definition of a "normal" system, but it would seem strange to buy a system which could only power your lights during the daytime, ie. when you don't need them!

    Whilst the technology changes/improves over the years, this Which page from 2019 discusses the use of batteries to store the generated power: and this is a 2021 update: .

  • Benny2020 said:
    I too have a solar system and live on the third planet out from the local star, it is a rocky planet but is quite nice.
    Benny, I'll be by in my Jetsons style ship for a cuppa later. Get the solar powered kettle on.
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    Hello. I have one string of panels (14 X 300w) were some of them are partially affected by different shadows in different moments of the day and I'm thinking to put panels optimisers. Do you have any recommendation of some models that may work independent from inverter and to have possibility to be monitored via their app or a hub / gateway or similar?
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    You could look at these.
    Tigo TS4-A-O (
    Also you could look here for better information from users in this forum.
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