Dunster House Trading Standards Case

Trading Standards Case: If you have had or are having a bad experience with Dunster House please read this message. I am putting together a case to take to Trading Standards and already have over a dozen customers details to accompany my issues. My experience: I've had an absolutely appalling experience with Dunster House. One of the worst aspects is that they will not engage in any customer service telephone calls; insisting instead that everything be done by email, however when it takes them 2 days to respond to an emailed issue then it causes significant problems for us, the customers. Some of the windows they delivered were not fixed in to the frames so when installing them, the window opener would simply fall out hitting whatever is beneath it, this caused a 3-week delay. Bathroom windows with delivered with clear glass instead of the ordered opaque, causing more delays. The bay window I ordered was 250mm (1/4 meter too small). Although I have sent videos and photographic proof of this they have now decided to completely ignore my communications. Front door was delivered without the ordered letterboxes, causing my elderly disabled customer even more delays. The inconvenience to my customers on loss of earnings to myself are huge. This is a fact that is just swept under the carpet by the autonomous response of the customer service. The sales teams are professional and are very efficient, then it just turns into an absolute disaster, a genuinely horrible experience. I will be spending the next 4-6 weeks; longer if needed, vigorously and proactively contacting every disgruntled customer who has registered a negative review to Dunster House in addition to opening a forum on the subject of 'Dunster House Issues', with a view to presenting a compelling case to Trading Standards. Please contact me if you have, or are having a bad experience. In many respects it's a distinct advantage that Dunster House have insisted that everything be put in black and white through an email, as we all have a collectively huge amount of damming information regarding the issues we have faced. Please contact me or look for the forum. Please also see the ' reviewcenter ' and also
' reviews io ' and please check out ' moneysavingexpert ' I wish I had been so warned. Would have saved me so much time, money and undue stress


  • I had the misfortune to buy something from Dunster House in 2006.  They were appalling then.  However I went direct to my credit card and was refunded in full.  

    Your case sounds like a B2B transaction so not relevant to my experience.

    please check out ' moneysavingexpert ' 
    You do realise this is where you are?

  • Hi Daniel, I'm currently having an issue with DH too.

    I ordered a Titania office and it has been a nightmare, warped pieces of wood meant that the window and door frame is completely wonky and I don't know whether the problem is with the unit or my joiner or both.

    But I am very very stressed, I've had to have extra pieces of wood put in to make it fit, and replace the warped wood.

    Also, they tell you that it only takes a week to install. this has been going on for two months.

    One of the biggest hurdles is that you can't speak to anyone there as you say.

    You have to send a video and wait for a response, so I'm sending my video today.

    I wish I'd checked on here before ordering too, as it is a total mess. 
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    I've got a current ongoing issue with Dunster House if this is still relevant?
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