Covid pass name order different to passport


I've read a few threads about middle names or maiden names on UK Covid Vaccine passes on the NHS app, but mine is slightly different. I know that the NHS app only shows first and surnames, not middle. 

Say for example my full name on my passport is John Bob David Smith. I have always gone by Bob since forever. My NHS records are under Bob Smith.

Therefore, my Covid Pass says Bob Smith. Passport says all 4 names, starting with John. Boarding pass, PLF etc is also under this full name. Everything except Covid Pass/NHS app. 

I think I will ask my GP to change my name to be on the safe side (if they can do it in time) - but then having all my health records under a name I don't go by feels like a bit of a nuisance too. 

I don't think my situation is that uncommon; if anyone has been in the same position please let me know how you got on! 


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