jet2 LS767 ( manchester-corfu ) 07/08/21

so we booked a last min holiday with jet 2 and upon check in was told 1-1.5h delay as stopping at Birmingham to pick up 60 passengers was bit pain but was ok 
so as we taking off was a issue with the plane so had to change plans in manchester and crew  took over 2h   
so we landed 3.22 late   we jumped a taxi as no way taking transfer this late at night   

so put eu261 claim in with jet2 who have now come back and blamed covid for part the delay ( saying technical fault was 2h.22m) the rest was due to covid as had to stop in Birmingham to pick up more passengers. to me this is not a covid issue its jet2 issue for not selling full planes. i don't see how can use covid ( i do feel lot bad service some get now all being put down to covid and still do this for years )     

was anyone else on same flight had same response    as i think wrong them using covid as excuse ( as if covid they exempt from eu261 claims ) when people not booking holidays not covid reason imo so any advice be appreciated 


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