French Statement of honor for fully vaccinated travellers

Hi, i'm travelling to France via Eurotunnel next month and am in the process of gathering all of the required covid info. On the form published on the French government website for the 'Statement of Honor' there is a section that says:

'Done in ____________________, on ____ / ____ / 2021'

Does anyone have any experience of filling in the form, and whether this section above relates only to the declaration for unvaccinated travellers? Thanks for any advice!


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    Don't think it is required for fully vaccinated, Eurotunnel itself does not ask for it in this scenario.
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    You will be asked for that statement by the French Border Police, as well as your proof of double vaccination.
    I went to France last week.
    The "Done in" bit is just where you signed the form, normal in French documents. Same applies to French cheques..Doesn't really matter what you put to be honest though.
    For return to the UK, many French pharmacies do the Antigen test and will give you all the paperwork etc you require, cost is standardised at €25.00.
  • I have a question about the same form: does the "residing at" bit want your home address in UK or where you're staying in France?
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    That will be your home address in the UK.
    Well that's what I did and the French Border Police were happy with it.
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