Anti-Intruder Hedge For Shade?

My Pyracantha hedges are not doing well in the shady side of the garden although they are a great intruder proof box hedge over on the sunny side with Red and Yellow berries.

I would love something Intruder proof on the shady side to form a hedge, Hawthorn and Blackthorn have been suggested by a private garden centre owner however, they don't have any at the moment.

The only thing there now which does a job but just looks too messy are Blackberry brambles!

Anyone own Hawthorn or Blackthorn are they thorny enough and will they tolerate shade, they would be in the shade in my garden because of the 6ft fence but they will get sun above that.
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    When I saw the title I thought Pyracantha (my fav) however we have some native hedges including mixed Hawthorn (probably cheaper and my preference) and Blackthorn and they are both properly spiky, long sleeves and gloves required when maintaining and never leave trimmings on the ground to be stepped in - neither are suitable for full shade.
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    There is a decades long Hawthorne hedge growing under poplars in our rec. 
    Just how long and dense is the shade?
    Blackthorn. Hmmmm  sloe gin.
    I've got a blackberry hedge. Hard to control but right now loving the blackberries.

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    Had a Hawthorn in a north facing garden within 3m of the house, so in constant shade. Darned thing grew very well until I pruned it at ground level. Would have thought one would cope with a 6' fence without any trouble.
    Surprised that a Pyracantha would have been OK too. The one I had only got full sun for a couple of hours per day yet thrived despite being neglected and the occasional hacking back with a chainsaw. 

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    Berberis? Mahonia?
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    We've got a very spiky berberis planted on the north side of a fence which does very well. Just beginning to be covered in orange berries now.

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    Speaking from years of experience, I can't understand why Blackthorn is recommended! The polite term is 'It forms a thicket', which means 'It spreads, and spreads and is very difficult to manage.'  The thorns will puncture tyres.
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    Don't forget holly; I wouldn't try to breach a holly hedge if there was a bear after me.
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