Sky return item fee £50

Hi I returned my sky routers for new ones. As sky increased our internet speed as we had some issues with sky q so we upgraded to the fastest internet.

Sky told us to return the old equipment we did but they still charged us £50. I been with then for over 20 years. They have done it to many people. I lost the post office receipt so just wanted to vent


  • Diamandis
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    I lost the post office receipt so just wanted to vent
    So were you meant to send something back and it never reached them?
  • Hi I sent it back they received it but Still charged me 50 you can see other customers went through the same returned, recieved by sky still charged £50
  • Pollycat
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    What was the arrangement you had with Sky for returning the routers?
    You said they told you to return them but did they say they were going to charge you?
    What is the relevance of?:
    Harrywayon said:
    I lost the post office receipt 
  • timmy963
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    Talking about ISPs, I once had an issue a few years ago with my VM Superhub1 PSU which went faulty and wasn't supplying the correct power.

    All I wanted was a new PSU for the router, but the chap I spoke to was quick to first try and upgrade me to their new Superhub3. I thought it would be free, but I declined when he said there would be a £30 (around that amount) activation fee.

    I told him to do one, and send just the PSU instead. He then told me they don't have any and will send a new Superhub3 anyway for free.

    You could imagine the look on my face after the conversation... Any tactic to extract money out of subscribers.

  • cajef
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    I had the same problem with returning something to Sky, Royal Mail tracking said it had been returned but I kept getting emails from them saying it hadn't been returned and threating to charge me for it if it was not received by a certain date, fortunately I still had the RM receipt with the tracking number and was able to prove they had received it, after several phone calls when each one of their advisers told me it was sorted out and I would not be charged they eventually charged me for it.

    In the end I phoned them and request to talk to a supervisor, who agreed he could see from the tracking that it had been delivered to them and sorted out a refund. 
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