New to Fidelity Platform – A Few Questions…

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    bpk101 said:
    MX5huggy said:
    BTW right now the longer this buy takes the better, markets are down so far this week so you’re getting more units for your money.
    That did cross my mind actually.  

    Still no movement on the transaction as of 930GMT this morning. I find it strange that the outgoing cash from my Lloyds current account still shows as pending as well. 
    Yes the outgoing cash showing as pending is a bit of a mystery but will hopefully sort itself soon.
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    I didn’t tell Lloyds I was abroad and haven’t been able to use my card to withdraw cash from machines whilst here. I wonder if the pending transfer is related. 
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    I don't often contribute by debit card but it may just be they are holding the transaction open until their internal batch reconciliation process is complete so nothing to worry about. If the money was showing as available to trade in your account it was good to go and won't hold up your fund purchase. Vanguard just have wide timings for fund purchases and then take some time to then confirm the trade. Hopefully you will see the fund added today based on last night's price.
  • With Fidelity transactions doesn't always give what you need. It's more of a legal audit trail.
    EG "Completed" status can be long long after things have actually happened, and varies with what you are trading (UK IT or ETF, near instant, Offshore fund can take ages, especially if the Fidelity and Fund reconciliation dates differ widely).
    The longest pending items are tax refund: months

    For the original question, "when can I buy", the thing to look at is: Cash available to invest. If you have it you can spend it. With a fast bank debit card transfer this is normally immediately.
    You will soon realize that each account shows two cash balances: Total Cash and  Cash available to invest. 

    A couple of tips: you can't rely on the numbers in ordered. These are just "prices we saw at the time you requested us to  buy/sell/switch". Once priced its much more useful: the numbers are fixed, you will buy/sell the specified number of units for the total transaction value given (BTW: price shown is rounded down to two figs). 
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