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Need some expert advice folks please…
I’m looking to get a mortgage in the next couple of months. In readiness for this I have checked my credit files through ‘check my files’. I knew I had a default with the Halifax which is due to drop off next month, what I wasn’t aware of was an arrangement to pay marker dating back to 12/07/2016 on files with Trans Union and Equifax, nothing is showing with Experian. The markers are due to drop off July 2022.
The payment arrangement was made with the car finance company for just for the very last payment for the car, up until then all payments had been made on time, shown with ticks on my credit file. Naively I didn’t realise at the time AR have such an impact on credit worthiness
My question is there any way I could possibly have the marker removed?
if not, then given the age of the marker how much impact would it have on my mortgage application (I don’t plan to apply until the default has dropped off next month) 
sorry about the long post x


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    You won't be able to have the marker removed, it's accurate and for one payment so you can't make the argument that they should have defaulted you instead of letting it drag on for years.

    A 5-year-old AP marker is probably not going to be a big deal, but you should speak to a broker.
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