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B)  Welcome to the http://www.puzzler.com/ thread  B)

it is an ONGOING THREAD & live comps are posted/added each time.**


Thank you to all posters, past and present, for the time, effort and expense you put in to posting these competitions  o:)

Below is a list of all the current Puzzler Magazines.

I have also included each magazine’s regular poster. If you would like to regularly post any that show “Volunteer Needed”, please message me and I will add your name to the list.

***In order to keep this post current, please message me about any changes***

Puzzler put the same competition in multiple magazines, so we can cover all competitions with regular posters for 1-7 below.

1) Group 1 - Puzzler Mags - regular poster = Volunteer Needed

  • Puzzler, Puzzler Arrowords, Puzzler Codewords, Puzzler Kriss Kross, Puzzler Wordsearch, Tea Break Crosswords, Mammoth Family Wordsearch

2) Group 2 - Q and Pocket Mags - regular poster = gorgeouscrystal

  • Pocket Crosswords, Pocket Puzzler Collection, Pocket Wordsearch, Q Code Words, Q Coffee-Break Crosswords, Q Kriss Kross, Q Pocket Arrowords Collection, Q Pocket Codewords Collection, Q Pocket Crosswords Collection, Q Pocket Wordsearch Collection, Q Puzzle Compendium, Q Word Search, Sudoku Puzzles, Sudoku Puzzles Collection, Puzzler Sudoku, Puzzler Killer Sudoku
3) Group 3 - Tesco Mags  - regular poster = Jambo
  • Tesco Arrowords, Tesco Codewords, Tesco Criss Cross, Tesco Crosswords, Tesco Handy Arrowords Collection, Tesco Handy Codewords Collection, Tesco Handy Criss Cross Collection, Tesco Handy Crosswords Collection, Tesco Handy Mixed Puzzles Collection, Tesco Handy Sudoku Collection, Tesco Handy Wordsearch Collection, Tesco Mixed Puzzles, Tesco Sudoku, Tesco Wordsearch

4) Puzzler Special  - regular poster = Volunteer Needed

5) Puzzler Collection  - regular poster = Rodsley50

6) Q Junior Puzzles  - regular poster = Volunteer Needed

7) Puzzler Quiz Kids  - regular poster = Volunteer Needed

*Note* The answer/s to the puzzle/s for all the magazines in each group is the same, and they all have the same puzzle ID number. The competition is registered under the ID number so you can only enter once per group for each puzzle with the same ID number.

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