Paypal Credit and Samsung be careful

Hello all,
I have been having a battle with Samsung and Paypal and I thought I would let other know so they dont end up with the same issue....

On the 5th June I bought a new phone from Samsung online.and used Paypal Credit (£819). I tried to trade in a phone and when the phone arrived on the 6th I realised that they had not allowed for the tradein.

I was advised that they could not retrospectively apply the trade in - but I could return the phone - which they arranged - reorder and apply the trade in credit.  so I did this on the 6th June,. So that was a new purchase on paypal credit for £369.

2 weeks later and no refund, i contacted Samsung by phone and was initally told they couldnt find the return - despite the fact that they had arranged the collection via dpd.

A week later now at the end of June - they had found the phone and was going to issue the refund.

2 Weeks later no refund.

I went on to paypal and raised 2 disputes for no goods and was told - it was my problem as I had sent the item back - I tried phoning paypal and they said the same and told me all I could do if I Was not happy was to raise a Section 75.

I raised this and sent the paper work off - however paypal decided they wanted more informaton including getting me to copy and paste Samsungs T + C s into a word document and still wasnt processing.

PayPal then took the firs payment for the phone I havent got.

I chased both Samsumg and paypal but with no luck.

On the 5th August nearly 60 days later Samsung issued the refund.

However as I had existing balance at paypal credit they will not apply the refund against the purchase but against my account so when I login i can still see the installment plan.

Moral of the story - dont buy mobile phones on paypal credit.


  • sheramber
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    The original Paypal credit agreement   for the first phone should have been cancelled when the phones was returned. 

    A new credit agreement would then be set up for the new phone at the reduced price.
  • tempus_fugit
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    Samsung's systems are a shambles. I ordered a phone from them on 21st June, coincidentally using Paypal credit as well. However the problem was that the phone was marked as "preparing for dispatch" way too early as it wasn't due to be delivered for another two weeks. This meant it couldn't be cancelled but also, after the phone did not turn up, it couldn't be cancelled and refunded. I phoned Samsung umpteen times and they just said it would be "escalated" and to expect a reply in 24-48 hours. These replies never ever materialised. 

    The good thing about it is that I opened a case with Paypal and they got my refund within a few days. 

    To illustrate that it was a Samsung system glitch that effectively "lost" the transaction, I had subsequently ordered another phone (the same type) because the price had gone down since I ordered the first one. That one sat at the status of "Processing" for about a week, after which I changed my mind, partly because of the problems with the first order, and I was able to cancel it immediately and get the refund within a couple of days. The original transaction has still not been fully cancelled, despite me having got my refund and I think if I had left it I would have never got the phone that I had paid for. It's put me off buying direct from Samsung in the future, which is a pity.
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