Pcr refund?

The gf has been to France, come home, booked a PCR test for the monday to be released then. 

The rules now changed and her quarantine ends on Sunday, she doesn’t need Mondays test but says it not refundable, its only not needed as govt. rules have changed. Can she still get a refund?


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    The rule change for France doesn't come into effect until 4am Sunday 8 August, and only affects arrivals after that time, so your gf's period of quarantine is not changed and does not end prematurely. She will also still need Monday's PCR test.
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    As above the change only comes into effect for those who arrive after 4am on Sunday no change for anyone who arrives in UK before then.

    - so you gf’s quarantine will end on Day 10 when she gets her negative result back from Day 8 PCR test or if she is  Double-jabbed she can take an additional test on day five, and leave quarantine early if the result is negative - but will still need to do the Day 8 test. 
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    I’ll pass on the bad news. Maybe it was a miss reading of the rules
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