Credit note not usable for new deposit - help?

Hi, would appreciate any thoughts on this as I'm unsure what's actually correct here but it doesn't feel right...

I have a credit note from Traveplanners for a cancelled holiday last year. We cancelled as it was obvious the holiday wouldn't be able to go ahead - they tried repeatedly to bully us into paying the full balance and waiting for it to be cancelled but I wasn't comfortable with the risk (looking at their reviews and the trouble people have getting their money back, & based on my own experience dealing with them, I don't really regret this).

So, I have a credit note for £950. I asked to put it towards a new booking for 2022 and was told no, I have to pay a whole new deposit of £800 despite the credit note more than covering this as they have 'suppliers holding money they have already paid out to them'. Worth noting also, that my original £950 deposit included £150 towards an upgraded dining plan so at a bare minimum I'd assumed that would be possible to apply to a new deposit.

Anyway - does this sound correct? I'd honestly prefer to walk away from the company at this point as they are horrendous to deal with and I am very concerned about giving them more of my money. But then I also can't stand the idea of just letting them keep my £950. I have no idea what my next action should be.

These are the t&cs on the credit note:
1. The Travel Credit Note may only be used to book a travelplanners holiday to the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico or Worldwide  Cruise and Stay  
2. The Travel Credit is valid for 2 years from date of issue  
3. Any outstanding balance will be due 12 weeks before the new departure date (unless a cruise is also booked when the balance will  be due 15 weeks before departure)  
4. This Travel Credit Note is non-refundable and non-transferable  
5. A new ATOL Certificate will be issued as soon as re-booking has been completed  
6. With the exception of this flexible Booking Policy the rest of our standard terms and conditions apply


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  • Ask them for a full refund instead of the useless credit note, and if they refuse take it up with your credit card provider.
    Given the OP cancelled it themselves they would almost certainly not be entitled to anything.  As the company has offered them a credit note anyway there's nothing to claim with their CC.

    There's also no indication the OP used a CC, unless I'm missing something.
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    As you cancelled due to disinclination to travel you  would normally lose your deposit. 

    As a gesture of goodwill, Travel planners have given you a travel credit to use against a future holiday.

    They were not obliged to do that.  Other companies would not have offered you a travel credit. 

    They can apply conditions to that gesture of goodwill.

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