Phone calls that were never made.

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My mother in law has just received notification of a £65 telephone call she never made. Apparently, it lasted for 9hrs 43 minutes and went through the night. It started at 20:16 and as soon as it finished, the same number was dialled at 06:00 and that call lasted another 42 minutes (no charge for that because of the package she is on - 70 minutes max and then you pay). There is also a record of another call later in the morning to the same number lasting 27 minutes. SES the supplier of her telephone have been really helpful and after talking with 3 people, they have issued a £50 credit. BT tested the line yesterday and found no faults with either my mother in law's handset or the line leading to it. The default position is - she must have left the handset off the phone, which she is adamant she did not do. Is this an exchange fault not closing off the line? I have hit a brick wall. And to add insult to injury she has been charged for 4 calls to the 123 number (speaking clock) - rumour has it that this number is used by BT engineers to check the line - I wonder how many times this happens, elsewhere. Help!


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