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Hi there,

My wife and I have just finished isolation after testing positive. 

Apparently the recovery certificate will show up in the NHS app after a few days after our isolation finishes. 

We're due to go to Gran Canaria is about 3 weeks time. Currently the Gov website says we have to provide a negative test 2/3 days before we return back to the U.K.  But, as you know you can get a false positive for up to 90days. 

I've heard people talk about a proof of recovery certificate can be used. But, there's nothing on the Gov website about this at all??

It only states a negative test result must be carried out before return. 

Does anyone have ANY official information on this? 

Will the proof of recovery certificate allow us to get back to the U.K. without a test result?

Please help! Thanks. 


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    One thing to note is I think you only need an antigen (also known as lateral flow) to get back in. Do they also show false positives for up to 90 days ? I didn't think so.

    You need to also _book_ a PCR but you take that whilst safely at home. 

    I wish there was more information about how long you typically need to wait before getting a negative from either kind of test after suffering C19. What happens to folk going on a week in the sunshine who contract it whilst out there. Can most people afford to pay their way in a foreign country for 3 months? (Not to mention not getting home to work etc).
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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm aware it can be an anti gen test which is supposedly different for having a false positive. 

    But the Hov website also talks about a PCR test on day 2!? 

    Again do you need to do this if you've got a recovery certificate? 

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    Download the NHS App and go through the steps to update your medical details. This will show on there when you tested positive for Covid. It's pretty simple to go through 
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    You can het covid more than once so having recovered is no guarantee that you don't contract again while on holiday.

    You can take a test before you go ( available from chemists, some supermarkets etc)  and if it shows positive then you have a decision to make as to whether to risk going or not.

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