Are Viagogo Gaslighting their customers? No Tickets, Refund outstanding and legal rights

I foolishly purchased tickets to see Royal Blood in Bristol on 21st July from Viagogo and was told that my tickets would be sent via an 'app'.

I dutifully dowloaded the app using the same email address as the booking and then the 'gaslighting' began. I received an email saying I had 'received' the tickets. I hadn't. I checked my SPAM nothing there either. I called Viagogo on their customer helpline and used my transaction number to log in.

Yesterday during four long calls taking over three hours I was feeling distressed and 'gas lighted' in a way I haven't ever before using any service.
One adviser said I should register with 'gigs and tours' and the tickets would appear there, another said I should download the See Tickets App and they were there. Then I was told that a manager was calling me, then the tech team.  The situation was escalated to high priority on three occasions. I really felt they were trained to say anything and to make ME think like I was the problem.

Short version is that after 11 emails and 4 long calls to customer line on the day of the gig, I didn't get the tickets and I dont have a refund nor a response to my request for a refund.  They now have deactivated my transaction number (I guess this is automatic as the gig time has passed but its yet another way of avoiding complaints and customers) so I cant even call them and they just send a generic email in response to my clear and detailed, calm and respectful emails. 

I am owed over £300 for these two tickets that face value was £34.50. My son is as huge fan and after what he's been through during covid it was the one thing that brought a smile to his face -this gig. To have that taken away and to be offered hope right up to beyond the start time of the gig when I was still speaking to customer service. 

I have a few questions
1. Does anyone know my legal rights. I think they will claim that they sent me the tickets - but I didn't ever receive them or use them. What can I do?
2. Is there a legal body who I can approach to secure a refund from them?
3. Does anyone have experience with them that is similar? Obviously most tickets must arrive safely as they still are a huge and profitable company but I've never experienced service like this. It's like they're con artists.
4. These tickets offered to me were routed automatically on google via search on the day the tickets went on sale, is there anyway to protect to the  public from this company and their practises?
5. Is there somewhere I can formally complain about this so that this doesn't happen to other people in the future. Viagogo should be synonymous with dishonesty and poor service and not just able to thrive on people not googling them first. 

Thank you


  • Follow up. This may help others in the same circumstances. I raised a dispute with Viagogo via my bank at HSBC. They have temporarily refunded me the £302.99. fingers crossed that when they challenge Viagogo they get refunded and then this becomes permanent.
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