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My haulage organisation has recently (last few months) been acquired by a larger organisation who have started an organisational change and a large number of people in my original organisation are going through a consultation process and have been classed as “At Risk” and therefore facing redundancy.

As an employee who is “At Risk” I have been included in a ring-fenced process for roles in the new organisation . I took time (within the timescales) to explore the three roles available and decided one in particular was 90% related to mine, had a reasonable salary increase and seemed like a great new opportunity.

I followed the larger organisation’s process and submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) but the organisation has not acknowledged this and I learned today that all of the ring-fenced roles (including the one I’ve expressed an interest in) have been uploaded onto the organisation’s website with applications open to the general public, yet I haven’t had any outcome to my EOI.

I had requested an informal chat with the department head last week (to learn more about the role and answer a few questions) but my Teams message was read and ignored.

I have since spoken to my HR contact and they have confirmed that the organisational policy is that roles subject to an EOI should be held back from public applications until the EOI has been concluded and that an EOI should be formally considered within 5 working days.

Although it’s very subjective my current role is almost identical to that of the role I’ve expressed an interest in and so I find it hard to believe I wouldn’t even be considered.

Am I justified in taking this further given:

  • My EOI has not been formally acknowledged;
  • I have not been properly communicated with;
  • The policy has not been followed as I have not been given a decision within 5 working days AND roles subject to an EOI should be held back from the general public until internal expressions are concluded.

I feel so unbelievably let down by this new organisation as someone who has worked for my original employer (pre-takeover) for almost 20 years, latterly at senior level. 

I feel that if I challenge this formally I will burn any bridges in securing any position (even if I chose to go up against external candidates) as part of my complaint would focus on how they have not followed the correct process.

Some would argue that I should explore external roles and just move on. Change happens and sometimes we need to know when to cut our loses. 

Has anyone been in a similar position or do we have any HR experts on the forum?

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