Whenever I try to purchase anything through PayPal I get the following message:

Now and then, a payment needs to be checked before it goes through. We'll use your login to confirm your account details and access your balance and transactions as needed for up to 90 days. This data, which PayPal stores, helps us manage risk and fraud on your behalf and helps you avoid declines.

By continuing, you agree to the above permissions. You can change them anytime in your Settings. For more info, see our Privacy Statement.

I think it want access to open banking? Not a chance will I be giving them access to my accounts.

Does anyone know why they are insisting on this?

I made a payment as normal on Tuesday to pay using my bank account. The company then emailed to say one item was out of stock so I cancelled the order and asked for a refund which was process the same day. I then went to another company to place the same order and I get the above message. Now every single time I go to place an order and pay using my bank account they want access.


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    Looks like it. From that privacy policy,
    Choices Relating to Linking your Bank Account and Open Banking

    You can verify your bank account instantly, by providing PayPal access to your bank account to view your bank account information, bank balances and transaction history. [...] In the event we need to view your bank account balance or transaction history again after 90 days, we will request your permission again.

    As an alternative, you may verify your bank account by confirming a verification code sent to your bank account with an IBAN (International Bank Account Number). This may take longer (1 to 4 days). In this event PayPal will not be able to view your bank balances and/or transaction history details.

    So it looks like you should still be able to do it the old way. If you log into PayPal through the website (i.e. not buying), are you able to verify the bank account there?
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    So I tried the old way and the same happens. I then tried the way they asked me to and it said I cannot use that bank at present. I am tempted to close my paypal, it offers very little by way of payment functionality anymore now eBay use their own payment processing. 

    The only way I can use PayPal is by using my card, which means I may as well use my card directly and cut out the middle man.

    Edit: PayPal wont even let me remove bank accounts from my account! Its really odd
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    same here, no way should they have full access to your bank transactions/ statements etc!! !!!!!!
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