Deafening Volume Levels at Cinemas Nowadays - Permanent Hearing Damage?

Hi everyone, I used to really enjoy going to the Cinema, but I think I'm now going to have to stop going on a permanent basis because of the volume levels. I have found over the years that all cinemas have gradually increased the volume levels on all films and it's got to the point now where my ears can no longer take it. This includes volume levels of the trailers, and the main film. What is even more concerning is how this can impact people who have children as their hearing is more sensitive than adults and is developing. Do all cinemas including those that have Imax or Dolby Vision screens regularly monitor the volume levels across all their screens to make sure that they comply with health and safety in terms of volume levels. I mean what is the point of going to the cinema if the volume levels make you ill and you end up worrying about any permanent hearing loss?
Has anyone else experienced the above issues?
As always, any opinions or views with regards to this are always welcome.
Thanks :)


  • notional
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    Agreed. I hardly missed the cinema during lockdown. The type of films is also to blame. Maybe try a more arthouse or community venue if you have one locally. The Picturehouse chain in London is good, not sure if that's outside London though.
  • Chomeur
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    I agree with you. The sound level for trailers can be particularly bad, and I have even had to stand outside until they are finished to avoid the discomfort. I have tried complaining to a manager, but he said the sound level was out of his control! 

    You can get a decibel meter on your phone. Use that, and maybe you can complain to the local council if the sound level really is too high. Or take ear defenders!
  • Jenni_D
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    I went to see Black Widow the other night - first time I'd been to the cinema since before the start of the first lockdown. (So 18 months at least). My first observation was the volume level - I didn't remember it being so high previously, even for the action-type films.
    Jenni x
  • tacpot12
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    Take ear plugs next time, but complain in writing to the cinema head office now.
    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
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    I was shopping in a retail park in the outside garden centre and thought there was a storm brewing as I could hear thunder - no, it was the cinema a bit further along the park.  Dread to think what the volume was like inside the cinema !
  • JJ_Egan
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    Its dem Meerkats .
  • Jenni_D
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    Jenni x
  • MattMattMattUK
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    The limits are always below the occupational health levels, peak pressure, max sustained volume etc. They would be very unlikely to have any impact on hearing. Whilst a bunch of people think it is too loud, there are those who like cinemas being very loud. Personally I find them uncomfortably loud in action films, but I have not seen an action film in a cinema for years. 
  • Norman_Castle
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    edited 15 July 2021 at 8:32PM
    Its not a new problem. Years ago I saw cartoon Aladdin with Robin Williams. Unbelievably and pointlessly loud. I was scared, the child I'd taken reassured me.
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