What are some general issues you experience with companies' customer service?



    • Have you found it's difficult to get through to some companies on the phone? No really, I know a company I buy protein stuff from has turned of their phones, without saying why so you can hazard a guess, it doesn't effect me so much because I didn't call them.
    • Are webchats useful or disconcerting (eg, not knowing if you're talking to a human or AI)? Probably useful if you are in a public place. If you can write a review online then why not chat online too.
    • Do you find deliveries generally go smoothly, or horribly wrong? Fortunately, smoothly. (touches wood) The only exception is when I've selected a parcel pick up place. I wouldn't dream of threatening to break someone legs or hunt them down for not receiving a parcel on time. To me, this sort of awful stuff use to get said to the likes of debt collectors trying to do their job (no offence and when even that is not right) not to delivery depots. Gosh it sounds like people have become so over angry out there, more then ever before, that they lose any fear when they get on a phone, so really I can see why some firms are going toward switch off. I can get why it is not so pleasant to be an inbound call operator anymore.

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    There are far too many to mention, but:

    Customer service people with zero power to resolve an issue
    Customer service people with zero care about the job they do
    Customer service people reading from scrips
    Customer service people who refuse to answer a straight question, or just refuse to give an answer and instead regurgitate a pre-prepared phrase
    Customer service people based in foreign countries or areas of the country with accents which make them very difficult to understand
    Customer service people based in call centres with low quality lines and/or lots of background noise

    However the main one would be that so many companies now make it impossible to actually get through to a customer services department/agent.

    • Have you found it's difficult to get through to some companies on the phone?
    Yes, they are companies I now will no longer use.
    • Are webchats useful or disconcerting (eg, not knowing if you're talking to a human or AI)?

    They are fine as there is a written record of the correspondence. It is always obvious if it is an AI or human within a few messages. Webchats are only as good as the AI or person behind them.
    • Do you find deliveries generally go smoothly, or horribly wrong?
    Generally smoothly, probably more than 99% of the time, but then I do not use the worst option. I will avoid companies that use Yodel and Hermes as I know they are useless at my work and where I live. I have never had them go horribly wrong, worst case is something does not get delivered, the company needs to send it again or refund.
  • tempus_fugit
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    I’m having an issue with Samsung at the moment. I ordered and paid for a new phone on 21st June. I was given a range of dates for delivery and chose the 1st July. Well, that date came and went and no phone was delivered. In fact, the order online said it was still “preparing for dispatch”, which it had been since about 2 days after I ordered it.

    Getting Samsung to do anything about is an exercise in frustration. Their “Online Shop Support Team” are people abroad, working from home and who cannot access the system directly. They have to “escalate it to the logistics team”, which can only be done by email. Turnaround time is given as 24-48 hours. However, several of these 24-48 periods have come and gone and each time I call them back it’s the same story. Seemingly they can’t do anything with the order because of the status of “preparing for dispatch”. This includes cancelling the order, which normally I would be able to cancel myself, but again the status precludes this.

    So at present I have pad for an item that I have no idea if I will ever receive and that I can’t cancel. It was purchased via Paypal so I have gone back to them to try and get it resolved, but Samsung’s systems are absolutely hopeless.
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    I had an issue with my Sky box last April. They only had sales on as when pressed buttons for tech support, the line went dead. So I spoke to someone in sales and they said as I’m not shielding that’s why I’m being cut off. What a silly thing as people wfh or furloughed need their tv too.

    I was off work through surgery. They got an engineer out eventually.
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    HMRC are my bugbear at the moment, and there isn't an alternative company I can use for that! I'm trying to contact them about a VAT return submission issue. Tried several times on the phone, waiting at least 30 minutes, no answer. Have sat waiting on webchat for over a week now (whilst doing other work of course) - never had it change from 'all our agents are busy'. Sent them an email a week ago, but it says they might take 15 days to respond. Well that's all well and good, but my VAT return is due and somehow I don't think you're going to say this is a reasonable excuse for not filing on time!
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    Most people would probably find this solution GREAT, but frankly I find it irritating. A couple of financial organisations have been giving me 'compensation' for their shoddy service.  I've had at least 5 payments, amounting to quite a few hundred pounds over the past 18 - 24 months or so.

    For some I've been obliged to formally complain, for a couple it was just negative feedback. Now as much as I like being given 'free' money, that's not the point, I don't ask for it & don't particularly want it, often pass it on to a charity BUT, what I do want is for the problems I've encountered to be FIXED.

    I've seen forum complaints similar to mine, so clearly they think a payout will satisfy a customer. It probably does, I'm just not one of them. Ranging from £50 & £100 a couple of times, £200, a hamper.

    I'm not trying to make a living out of compensation, all customers including myself actually pay for that 'free' money, what I want is for problems to be fixed & not continue for other people.  Particularly when it's an on-line processes that aren't fit for purpose, then bounce me from pillar to post on the phone & in person!
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    The one thing that really annoys me is when you're in a queue on the phone and they don't give you any idea whereabouts in the queue you are.

    I called one company a couple of weeks ago who not only told me what position in the queue I was but also their average number of calls dealt with per 10 minutes for that day (it actually changed whilst I was holding so it was clearly a live average).. Why can't more companied give out info like this?
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    I don’t like call centres that the staff have to follow a script 100% and get nothing out of them. I worked in call centres and only had to follow the script for dictating the direct debit guarantee and a couple of others about contracts etc. After that, I had free will to talk to customer to help them.

    Personalisation adds customer service.

    Another bug bear of mine, B&M, Poundland - I’m talking to you. I’m not interested in buying a bar of chocolate and other stuff you want to sell at the till, Especially when I come to the till with healthy store cupboard items - rice, chopped tomatoes, tinned pulses etc. If I want a bar of chocolate, I would put it in my shopping!
    If i am offered chocolate/sweets at the checkout I tell them I have diabetes.  I usually get an embarrassed look and an apology.
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    I have had good customer service from Amazon and Thompson and Morgan.  I communicate by email and get a response very quickly.

    on the rare occasions I have any problems with food from Waitrose I email them and they respond within hours.  They always send a voucher for more than the value of the food I’ve had a problem with.

    we bought some raspberries from Morrison’s yesterday and didn’t put them in the fridge overnight. This morning they were covered with tiny flies.  They gave us the money back today with an apology and no proof.  :)
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