Prepaid funeral sellers face cold calling ban as regulator unveils new rules

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The Financial Conduct Authority has revealed details on how it plans to regulate prepaid funeral sellers from next summer, with measures including a ban on cold-calling, a set penalty-free cancellation period and providers requiring authorisation.
Read the full story here:
'Prepaid funeral sellers face cold calling ban as regulator unveils new rules'
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    Interesting read and useful to know.

    Could this extend to other sectors selling to the Elderly - eg. Mobility
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    Only taken around 20 years since the earliest concerns.   Then again, I suppose that is quite fast when dealing with the FCA (or predecessors) 
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    Good to hear although why has it taken four years since the original findings and reports were made? I wonder how many consumers have been caused harassment, distress and financial loss during this time.

    My mother recently fell victim to one of these companies "Prosperous Life" advertising on facebook and using bogus claims about how the funeral plans are funded.

    Since blocking all the numbers they were calling from this has stopped for my mother but I'm sure there are many other vulnerable people who are still being scammed and harrassed by these unscrupulous companies.

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