Hard to see buttons on TV remote

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So the ancient MiL was really struggling with using 2 remotes for the TV.  One to turn on the TV itself and then one to change the channels via Freesat.  Not helped by the fact that since she wasn't doing anything with the TV once it was on it was turn itself off after a set time (2 or 3 hours - never did figure out which).  When this happened she would inevitably hit the wrong buttons and lock herself out of anything by doing a system connect to the dvd player or something.  

The solution was obviously to get a new TV (large, more easy for her to see, with larger subtitles) and as Freesat was integral to it there was only 1 remote!  Hurrah!!!

But.  The new remote is a reasonably tiddly thing, and both the volume and channel control buttons are black, as is the remote itself.  So she can't see them.  They are oddly shaped (+ & - for volume) so wouldn't be a problem for a random normal individual but they are for her.

I'm considering contacting the company that makes the TV to let them know of this issue but I suspect they won't be able to solve the problem.  The other buttons have Braille on them so they are obviously aware of accessibility issues so if they are aware they may be able to do something on future versions.  

So what can I do to help??  I've tried putting some white paint on the black buttons but it wears off within a day or two.  Any other ideas??
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