Amazon price increase 78% in 2 days

One of the most amazing price increases I've seen.

Ordered item from Amazon on 28 June.  Sent delivery tracking details showing delivery due on 1 July.  Hadn't realised it was coming from Amazon depot in Germany, so no import hold up there.

Went on line to check delivery information and found the item that I was charged £34.77 when I ordered is now, 2 days later, priced at £62.12.


  • Forwandert
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    I think they have quite a lot of dynamic pricing now. Seen quite a lot of deals posted for Amazon items on deal sites recently and within 10 mins of the deals being posted the prices just go up 50p here and there until they're nearly double in some cases. 
  • MattMattMattUK
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    I have about 30 items in my Amazon saved for later basket, when I go into my basket it shows me how much those prices have changed since last time, sometimes the fluctuations can be quite large. As Forwandert says pricing on some items is dynamic, based around demand, supply limits etc.
  • JJ_Egan
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    As above prices go up and down .
    Some stuff has now gone in short supply .
  • vacheron
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    edited 1 July 2021 at 1:22PM
    I've seen dynamic pricing quite a lot along with this other practice:...

    We ordered a coffee table last year which normally sells elsewhere for around £400-£450, but Amazon had it on their site (sold by Amazon) for £199 with a 4 week delivery.

    I ordered it, but within a couple of weeks I recieved a message saying the delivery was delayed and that I could cancel along with lots of large, easy buttons to press to cancel my order. However looking on the site the delivery was still 4 weeks but the price had gone back up to £450. 

    I did nothing, then a couple of weeks later had another message that the delivery was again delayed and that it would now be a further 8 weeks, again with loads of apologies and options everywhere to cancel the order for a full refund (the wording strongly  implying that I "obviously" would not want to wait this long for my item).

    I waited a couple of days then contacted them to ask why this was the case when they were still selling them with a 4 week lead time, and that I would wait as long as it takes as I was in no rush for it. 

    Within a few hours I had a reply stating that due to an "administrative error", the information I was given was incorrect and that my table would be with me in 4 weeks.

    So it looks like not only do they dynamic price, but they aslo employ tricks to get people to cancel orders which Amazon may have ocnsidered were undersold at the time.  
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    I'm usually aware which items I'm interested in tend to fluctuate wildly in price - often assisted by a quick look on "camel". 

    2 days ago an item of make-up was £14.99 but dropped to £9.99 yesterday (RRP £22.50 )
    Another make-up item has been hovering around £28 for months ( RRP £32) but spotted it was £18.84 last night and purchased.
    Just decided to bite the bullet and pay £23+ for a bottle of gin (had looked at it earlier this week) and found it is currently £18.80. Happy days! 

    Just wish Amazon would bring back the function where you could order your wishlist by price drop.
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