Banking App Scam

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I’m embarrassed about this but it’s important to get it out there.

Sophisticated and naive.

Someone has used a “prank bank apk” on me where the app simulates a bank account (but it’s fake).
The app can be modified to look like any UK banking app.

The scammer uses a confidence trick to give you their phone and let you input the details yourself so you wouldn’t doubt it.

it appears as if the money has left their account and been sent to you but in reality nothing has been sent as it’s just a fake account you can change the balance yourself.

I felt under pressure as the money hadn’t hit my account but I thought logically well it’s showing as left their account and I inputted the details, what more could be wrong.

I stupidly (please don’t tell me) let them walk out with the goods as I partly felt intimated…in my own home…not Sure what came over me.

anyway, the money c£500 never showed up.

the Facebook profile was deleted and likely was fake all along. 

Be aware of this prank bank app. I’m ashamed to admit I’m good at tech and this totally got me. I’m out of pocket and the person as clean got away. Cameras etc were avoided somehow too.

this prank bank app is dangerous and somehow needs to be eradicated.

I will be super careful next time once my embarrassment has gone. 

id appreciate sensible advice on using bank transfers in person.

Mug written on my forehead.😣


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    I’m confused by your post. On the one hand it seems to suggest that someone had you install an APK on your phone that imitates a banking app. If this were the case it would be a massive red flag as obviously it is outside of the Play Store and secondly why wouldn’t you just use the normal app?

    But then you seem to say that the other person hands you their phone to input the details. Another red flag as the only way to make sure it has “hit” your account is to check via your own app or online banking portal. 

    The overriding lesson from all of these “sophisticated” scams is never to trust someone else’s word (which is effectively what happened here whether it was on their phone or not) and always do your own checks before parting with anything that relies on you having received funds first.

    Personally, if I am selling anything face to face then the preferred option is cash or, failing that, direct bank transfer and as I say the way to check that is on your own device via your own banking login.
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    Always risky letting a stranger into your home
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