Any experience of Ali-Express?

Hi, just wondered if anyone here has had any experience with Ali-Express?  Some items there for good prices but I am concerned about returing if shoddy or outright faulty, do I have to pay the pstage n returning faulty items?


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    I have found it pretty good but only bought things less than £20.

    They have a good returns process - although I've never had to send anything back, I just raise a dispute and it gets refunded (again, less than £10 value).
    I think you can claim returns postage though.

    But I always pay by credit card as a backup.
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    I recently bought a computer motherboard at nearly £100 with no issues.

    I would say check the feedback of the seller and of course it takes longer to get things but the buyer protections are good, it is a serious market place with many great sellers.
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