Confused Parent Of Future Uni Student

I really need help please.
Our daughter has applied for student finance and we as parents have filled in the support forms. I am a stay at home mum but husband has a reasonable salary.  We had calculated using Martin's calculator, inputting husband's salary less pension contributions, as it states in the ? in that section in the calculator.
However husband says the application for student finance itself asked for gross figures, and so our daughter's loan is almost £1000 less than Martin's calculator had worked out. Martin's calculator definitely states it's less pension contributions, but this now doesn't appear to be the case? Can anyone help please?
Husband insists he's right in how he filled in the forms online.


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    Gross means before tax and NI are taken off. What sort of pension contributions are they? To a workplace scheme? If so the pension contributions are usually already deducted from the P60 income, so just use the figure on the P60. Simple.
    If the pension contributions are to a personal pension, SIPP, or a workplace pension that operates "relief at source" where the pension scheme reclaims basic rate relief, then there is a separate section in the student finance forms where you declare them. Declare the gross contributions, ie including the tax relief the scheme claimed.
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