Fraudulent CCJs in my name - lost!

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    Your credit file will be affected because it will continue to show the CCJs unless they are set aside. 
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    Read the parking forum for advice about set asides and then ask Eon for an uncontested set aside.
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    It would be you, the judge, their representative, and any council you wish to provide, in a side room, away from the main court.

    No gowns, wigs or yes mlud, no mlud, dress will be smart, not too casual, they will likely be in suits/shirt etc, so nothing to be uptight about, you simply give the facts, as they happened, and answer any questions they may have for you.
    Thanks again for your help!
    I was just wondering if you had any advice for me on my other query about my complaint to the Ombudsman - should I just accept EON’s proposal of a £100 cheque if there’s nothing they can do about the CCJs and then contact them separately about removing the default from 2020 which they’re claiming isn’t on my credit file but it is (which they may ignore) or should I let it go to the Ombudsman in hopes they will have to remove it? Just not sure what the Ombudsman will actually do and if there’s any point in taking it to them? Thanks sorry to keep being annoying, it’s the first time I’ve ever dealt with anything like this!! Thanks again for all the help!

    The ombudsman is unlikely to give you anything more - it was your fault (not attacking you, just talking in the technical sense) for not giving EON a final reading and telling them you had moved. EON have taken the hit of the debt owed and compensated you

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