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Instant sweet smelling plant ideas please

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My neighbour has 2 big dogs and she isn't so quick at cleaning up after them as I might like.  (but then I do follow mine round the garden with a poo bag and a watering can!!).  She is out all day and if they poo at night or early morning, it might not get cleared up for a day or so.  I was sitting out first thing today and the smell was really strong - although there's a fence it doesn't stop the pong and I couldn't stay out there.  Obviously in this heat it's worse than during the winter.

Any ideas for something I can plant on my ide of the fence to mask the smell?  Fast growing, heavily scented preferably.  Thanks.


  • Farway
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  • Sky_
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    Neighbours can be such a pain!!  You have my sympathies, I also follow my dog around with a poo bag.

    You probably need a combination of shrubs for a longer term solution and annuals for this year-- shrubs such as Mock Orange, (lilac, buddleia, honeysuckle and rambling roses can also be fast growing and strong scented) are unlikely to produce many flowers in the first year of planting.

    Some annual climbers such as sweet peas are very fast growing and the right varieties have strong scents, so that might help for this year. 

    Scented outdoor candles might also help.  Maybe try some cheap essential oils splashed against the fence when you go out, or spray the fence with diluted Zoflora disinfectant (it comes in some really lovely scents such as 'honeysuckle and jasmine', the scent tends to linger, and it's pet-safe as soon as it's dry).
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    It's going to take more than a little fragrance from a flower to overcome this. Take it from one who tried to eliminate fox fragrance for their dog. Even Chanel didn't do it.
    A baracades of shrubs as suggested but this takes time. Lilac grows pretty fast if you get the original kind. Also some types of Ceanothus though that's not fragrant.
    I thought of Citronella candles or even some of the highly scented ones from the cheapie shops. Skys idea of spraying the fence with something powerful is a good idea. Instant and strong. They do very smart and good spray bottles now so you can be elegant about it :)
    It is thoughtless in this weather but she probably doesn't even realise if she's not at home and sat in the garden.

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