Motability car question.

I am due to return my motability car in October this year. 
My PIP award was due to be assessed early this year but due to COVID, has now been extended to August ‘22. 
When I return my car, I will only have 10/11 months (assuming I have not been reassessed from now till then). 
Would I be still able to lease another car with only 10/11 months PIP? I thought you had to prove you had 3 years or more (of award). 


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    To take another lease out you need to have at least 12 months remaining on your PIP award. See link.
    You will be able to extend your lease on your current vehicle and all you need to do is ring them to ask. Do be aware though that although your PIP has been extended this doesn't mean you won't be sent review forms at anytime.
    Edit to add... you can actually place and order for a new vehicle 3 months before your current lease ends (obviously you can't collect it until your current lease ends)
    Whether you choose to do this is your decision but extending the lease on your current car will still be an option.

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