Hermes delivery

Hi ya I'm an ebay seller and I have had no stop hassle with hermes. Number one I send a package it hasn't moved for two weeks. So they buyer had opened q case. Rightly so . I've been trying to claim to hermes. Phone is impossible noway to call someone. Holly is a joke once u put the tracking in it tells the info then Cutts off. Then email is invalid and doesn't work anymore. To claim they no longer ask for tracking number they ask for the code on the parcel that not everyone would have. They say its on a email its not. I enter it for everyone and it says invalid. Then issue number 2. I send off its said delivered. The buyer said it isn't.  No stop harassing me  I can't claim I done my job of sending it and it says delivered. Then later. 1 week after she said she found it in the bin and it stink.trwckin doesn't say in the bin.again I can't contact hermes. And my package would have fit threw the letter box so I don't believe her. Does anyone no how to contact them anymore main number is useless it not fair for me to make the item and they have the refund and loose totally out. 


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