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Hi all.
I need a bit of advice. I ordered something from ideal world tv on flexi pay. I paid the first installment. What I didnt know at the time is my bank account does not accept recurring payments. I contacted ideal world and told them this. They tried to take the money out again. Adding a surcharge on top. While this was going on I had fraudulent activity going on in my account and the bank stopped my card. I also informed them of this. They still tried to take a payment, ignoring what I had told them. Another surcharge added. I also have hearing loss and only contact by email. I have no one to call for me. I asked if there was a way of paying online and surely there should be under these circumstances. They had temporarily blocked my account. So now its been sent to a debt collection agency and they want an extra £75 in fees.
This is ridiculous and I have tried to sort it out with them since April. I cannot afford to pay this as on ESA benefit for long term illness. I really dont know what to do. 
Has anyone else been through this kind of situation?
Thanks for reading x


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