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Hi all

First Post in this section. I have a budget of £2500 for a new TV. What is new latest technology right now is it worth getting an 8k smart tv. Size 55-65 inch?
I do like Sony as its android tv with built in chromecast. But recommendations welcome. 


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    No point in 8K at those sizes. 80+ maybe. What content do you have for it anyway. Much better spent on a decent 4K model rather than a overpriced 8K.

    Many do android these days (sony was one of the first). LG with webos (what was to be next gen palm) is another good option.

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    Micro led is the latest technology, but it's outside your size and budget for now.
    TV's aren't really an investment. I would look for the cheapest TV you can live with rather than whatever is the best today.

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    There are diminishing returns with higher resolution TVs. To actually be able to discern the difference between 4K and 8K, you'd need a very large TV and probably have to sit a lot closer to the screen. You'd also need 8K content to play on it... and there isn't much. Even 4K resolution is overkill for a lot of people - a kinda typical 50" 4K TV at a typical living room sitting distance won't look that different to 1080p for many people, especially if the source is streaming video which uses compression. There is a more noticeable difference with Blu-Rays, or less-compressed video sources, but there are no 8K Blu-Rays and streaming 8K video that hasn't been compressed to the point of pointlessness is going to require a connection speed of around 200Mbps.

    The latest consoles can theoretically support 8K, but there aren't currently any titles using it and there is some debate over whether we will see 8K games on them in this generation.

    You could look at a 65" OLED which will come under that budget which will give you a fantastic picture with the best black levels, but you do have to take care of it - don't leave static images (eg. news channel banners) on the TV for too long or burn-in is very likely to happen. Most of them have a maintenance feature you should be performing every few months.

    If you don't want the faff, there are plenty of sub-£1000 sets from LG, Philips, Samsung, Sony, etc. that will perform well, and you could put anything extra in your budget towards a decent sound system (if you don't already have one).
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    ( Most of them have a maintenance feature you should be performing every few months.)
    My Panasonic does a short maintenance about 3 times a week itself .
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    Depends on your cycle time with TV.
    A decent 55"-65" OLED will give best for now at £1k-£1.5k

    Some viewing options with high use will get screen retention issues even with the protective cycles.
    (Panasonic 55" with YouTube, sky news and BBC news retention on red.)

    Resolution is not the key feature it's HDR, What makes a good TV is its HDR performance that's where you get your biggest upgrade in viewing experience.
    Plenty of UHD/HDR sources now.

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    As above , by the time there is 8k content the TV you buy today may well be obsolete or outdated.

    Go for a top end uhd 4k TV
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    Another vote for 4k. Video quality is awesome.
  • DandytfDandytf Forumite
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    oled seems nice to view, definatley agree 8K will need much larger screen sizes, and content to watch.
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    Not an 8k tv but I got Samsung Q80T at start of year, 55 inch, very impressed with it. 4K and surprisingly sound is very good also
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