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Prime Health Zone selling CBD Gummies

Janemc55Janemc55 Forumite
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Yesterday I made the stupid mistake of placing an order for CBD Gummies from Prime Health Zone, the advert on Facebook was linked to JK Rowling. The ad was very misleading as I thought I was buying 1 bottle for £39.60 but once I had given my card details I realised I had been charged £198 for 5 bottles. I immediately tried to cancel the order but have had no reply to several emails. I made the payment by Barclaycard and informed them immediately. The transaction is still pending, they advised we wait to hear from the seller. I am so angry with myself. I have since discovered that many other people have been conned in the same way. Ironically the CBD is supposed to reduce anxiety but this whole thing has increased mine!


  • donnac2558donnac2558 Forumite
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    I get these ads pop up when playing games on Facebook.

    One they always put a photo up of someone from TV etc.   The idea that JKRowling has anything to do with them is nil.
    Two of the ones I have seen are gummy bears for stop smoking curing arthritis.   Again totally stupid.  Yes, 3 gummy bears stopped me smoking.

    Three never buying anything from a Facebook add or their marketplace.

    Hope you get your money back.

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    PollycatPollycat Forumite
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    Always do your research before committing to buy.
    Didn't you check the order and amount before paying?

    Have you checked the status of your order on their website?

    Are you aware that their website says this?

    What is your return policy?

    Our return policy is simple. Send us an email saying that you'd like to return your order for a full refund. We'll respond with step by step instruction on how to return your order to our warehouse. From the time we receive your return, it takes approximately 48 hours for a return to be processed and for a refund to be issued. You're satisfaction is covered by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
    The website is lacking in information about where this company is located (another check that should be done before doing business).

    It also says this:

    IMPORTANT: Fraudulent Disputes We have noticed an increase of fraudulent credit card disputes over the past few months. Prime Health Zone wants you to know that we investigate ALL claims of fraud to the maximum extent of the law and may ask you to sign a notarized affidavit under perjury. Unfortunately, much of this fraud is perpetrated by customers who have legitimately purchased products, but later deny it to their credit card companies. Please keep in mind that illegally filing a dispute is a felony punishable by jail time. In addition, if you perpetrate such activity, your credit card may be blacklisted, leaving it unuseable for internet purchases. Remember! A lot of these same people do not realize that we store your customer information, including your: IP Address, E-mail Address, Shipping Delivery Confirmations, Billing Address, etc, and use it to appeal all disputes. Save yourself a headache and contact our friendly customer support, we're here to help!
    Did you contact them through their 'friendly customer support'?
    Do you think you've given them enough time to get back to you?
    Do you even know where this company is based?

  • Suz21Suz21 Forumite
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    Hi, my mum was caught by the same thing. I went on the their "chat" as soon as we found out and all they could do as the product was already dispatched was give us the same quantity for half the price. Their chat system is not great - as soon as I typed and sent anything the screen went blank and I had to keep scrolling down to find it again. Their refund policy sounds tricksy too as although there is a 60 day returns policy I read that after an agrees period you only have 6 days to return the product (I may be wrong here). Definitely not happy with their advertising (mentioned Dragon's Den) but the actual purchasing seemed misleading.
  • LinbobLinbob Forumite
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    Hello Janemc55. I too fell for their advertising and placed an order. I did research Kara's Orchard CBD Gummies and they had (of course!) a glowing review which confirmed that the product could be refunded just by emailing the company if it did not suit. I therefore decided to go ahead. Once I received an email from the company I saw I was overcharged and that the email was from Prime Health Zone. I researched them. I saw that they were a company not to trust. I immediately contacted my credit card company. The person I spoke to advised me to freeze my card and request a new one as fraudulent companies often, apparently, use the credit card details to set up a future subscription charge. I wonder whether Barclaycard would do the same for you Janemc55. Good luck with getting your refund. I will certainly be doing everything to obtain one too!
  • Daisy46Daisy46 Forumite
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    Unfortunately I am another sucker who fell for this, same situation thought I was getting one bottle £39.00 charged £198.00, it had gone through before I could stop it. I have received the gummies from La Mirada California, already had an RMA number for returns but was not happy about the PO Box address, sent them another email to which they replied gave me another address Dunton Distribution Centre, Essex, this turns out to be FED EX, spoke to someone gave them my RMA number of which they could find not trace, they said they need a proper business name in the address or else it will get lost in the system. I have since sent them another email telling them all this, waiting for a reply, hopefully today but because of the time difference  it could be tomorrow. Also went on the chat line which I have been on before which is where I got my RMA number from, but now if you go on it it is saying unsecure some maybe trying to hack your information.  Will update if I receive anything positive.  In the meantime everybody stay well away from these adverts on facebook, they should be band !!  
  • Daisy46Daisy46 Forumite
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    Daisy46.   I am pleased to say after contacting them by email, I received a reply straight away on 28th may 2020 informing me that a refund had been authorised and £198 would be refunded to my account within 3-4 working days.  I really didn't expect anything from them, but, 1st June £198 was credited to my bank account!!! I have learnt my lesson I will never fall for anything like this again.  Good luck to all you people out there who are still waiting for a refund hope you get yours as well.
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