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I wonder if anyone can help. I have a Student loan in Scotland from 2008-2012.
I am self employed and pay my repayment at end of tax year when return is done. In Tax year 2018-19 I  had won a large contract and the employer wanted to may me as PAYE rather than usual SE which I was fine with. Over the time  to complete project they deducted £464 student loan from wages plus a large amount of tax, Not a big issue however when contract ended I  was hit by a drunk driver and was unable to work for 7 months.  My tax return for that year ended with earnings of just over 15k between both. HMRC refunded overpaid tax. Since then we have covid19 and things not great. My income has taken a massive hit as I am in the events industry,  I called SLC and they said I cannot get a refund on contributions as they treat SE income and PAYE income separately unlike HMRC who treat it as a combined figure. the guy said I should be thankful its reducing my balance which I thought was a bit rude 
Just wondering if anyone is in same boat and successfully got a payout if they had PAYE income in part of tax year then made a self employed loss in the remainder. I am tempted to write to them as I cannot find anywhere saying they treat both streams of income separately and to be honest the SEISS grants are just keeping a roof over my head, 
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