O2 Extremely Poor Customer Service Quality & Incompetence

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As an o2 customer of 20 years I recently decided to upgrade my phone to a IPhone 12 Pro. After being told by their customer service team that the phone was in stock for next day delivery I proceeded to carry out the upgrade. After not receiving the phone a week later I contacted their customer service line who informed me the phone is now not in stock and no details can be given when I should expect it. After several weeks of this and poor service I decided to cancel the order and also my existing agreement. At the time of this o2 advised that there was no outstanding bill and I should cancel my direct debit which I did.

Less than an hour later I received an text message informing me that I will receive my handset the following day. This was far too late for me as I had decided to go with another provider and ported my number out from o2.

Although I informed o2 the handset was no longer required it eventually arrived over a week later but was sent back immediately.

I have subsequently received numerous letters and messages from o2 advising there is an outstanding payment on my account for a period after I closed the account fir the new handset, and a threat that a default will be placed against me unless payment is received.

Each time I received such a communication I spoke with their customer service, escalation and resolver teams who advised the error was on there part and they would resolve the issue.

After believing the matter was closed I noticed that my credit rating had been impacted in January 2021 as a result of a missed payment to o2. Again I contacted the o2 resolver teams which apologised and informed me that the last person had not resolved the issue correctly but assured me the matter had now been taken care of and the relevant credit agencies would by informed and my credit rating repaired.

The following month, yes you guessed it same story as above after my credit rating had been further impacted.

In April this year, you guessed it again same story as above and same outcome.

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced, with staff seemingly incompetent and incapable of delivering any level of service quality or customer satisfaction.

I intend to escalate this matter to the telecommunications ombudsman, but also wanted to let others who may be thinking of joining o2 of the poor service level which is given to existing customers. It is clear that the organisations quality policy and procedures are either not adhered to or lacking in governance and that the voice of the customer is irrelevant.


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