Discharged from DRO future prospects of joining property ladder?

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During my late teens up until the age of 21 I was irresponsible and racked up about 18K in debt. I was living above my means and had no disposable income, I completed a DRO which I was discharged from last year. I’m now 23 and have turned things around, I have a good job with a decent income and have saved up about 15K in a year, I’m living at home still however  me and my girlfriend where discussing buying a house in the future. I’m concerned that my previous history will ruin my my chances of getting a mortgage in the future. My personal finances are strong and have a healthy disposable income, I’ve been using a credit card paying in full to build positive history and have not missed any payments in 2 years.

I’d like to look at getting my own place in my early 30’s but am unsure of what obstacles are ahead.  


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