McDonalds Food for Thoughts Expiry

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Just went to fill in some surveys using receipts I'd stored away like nuts for winter, only to discover a new addition in the blurb. The receipts must now be used for the survey within 60 days of the day you visited, or they are expired. I now have a cupboard full of receipts unusable due to this stealth change.

On reflection I probably should have been more diligent in using oldest first but they had no deadline imposed before. Sadly this ends my ability to afford a family outing there but I thought I'd warn anyone with a cupboard of these to sort through now and use those oldest (up to 60 days) first.


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    I am surprised they even allow 60 days - I would have thought 14-28 days max.  Any longer could mean (depending on questions asked)  the results gathered will be out of date and could therefore lead to anomalies in the result set.  That is maybe why they changed the rules.  Many survey collectors are sharpening up their practices to get rid of a lot of the chaff they get - respondents more interested in rewards than providing accurate information.

    Why would you keep them instead of doing the survey in a timely manner?  I would be worried about your eating habits if you have cupboard full of them - simple solution, put them in the recycling bin.

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