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Introducing Bulldog/Pug bonded pair to other household Pugs

I have just rescued a bonded Bulldog/Pug pair, I was just going to have the Pug but they cant be separated so now have both, I have 3 other Pugs who live together happily, at the moment I have them in the spare room and am introducing each Pug separately letting them meet in a calm environment, the little Pug is adventurous and wants out to explore but the Bully is shy and and is clinging to his Pug sister and I am not sure I am ever going to get him out of the room, does anyone have any advice, bottom line is they wont be going back to the kennels if I can help it I want them all to live together but dont want to distress the Bully as he has gone through enough       


  • They'd be better off meeting on neutral territory.   Get a friend to help and take them all on a walk together, let them meet and greet and then take them home and let them get on with it.  You can't keep your new rescues shut up in the spare room! 

    Really, a responsible rescue should have facilitated this, and shouldn't have let you take the new dogs without them having been introduced to the existing 3.  Where did you get them from?  I hope you're ready for a lot of vet bills with 5 brachycephalic dogs. 
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    Could you put a room divider up in your lounge area so the scared one feels safe with his sister but can still be in the same room as the others while they get to know each other?
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    Give him  space  and  let him do things at his own pace. Let the pug mix to let him see there is no threat.   

    He will get confidence from her.

    Walk him  side by side   with one of yours at a time  so  he  get used to it without face to face confrontation.
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