Chopping away to be df! May 2022

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I am a mum of 1 and have a partner i desperately need to be df. I have £6700 to pay back to my mom for a loan by the end of this year and just over £8000in total debts everywhere else. 

Time to get everything in order first by cutting back on spending on rubbish. Tomorrow sky is going only £21 a month but seriously we never watch it. I am in phone contracts but my home insurance is nearly up so will look for a new one of those tomorrow too.

My plan is to give myself little goals to focus on that cost no money. 
So my goals for tomorrow
○cancel sky
○change home insurance to a cheaper one
○try and sort out 1 cupboard/draw of rubbish every day...tomorrow it the shoe cupboard.
○have online shop booked (monthly delivery saver but it saves me in the long run and the time it saves is worth it) need to do meal plan and online shop. Reduce shopping to £65 a week im trying to be healthy so it does cost a bit more.
○got a study to do tomorrow will get £75 in vouchers within the next few weeks so will put towards new wardrobe for dd

My plan is to reduce the impulse spending i need to ideally save my wages each month and by the end of the year i can pay my mom back in full. If we can live on ohs wages (not much but enough) then it should be doable.

Hopefully this diary can keep me on track! 


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    A lot of us work out our budgets at the start of each month which gives us something to refer to and a target to try and stick to. That may help with your planning and help you see if you can live on your oh's wages. Good luck.
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    Thank you cranky. I have done a budget and ohs wages will cover everything except my car if we are really good so then my car can come from my wages then the rest in savings.
    Yesterday was productive 
    ○got sky reduced (not cancelled but deof getting there) 
    ○ cancelled home insurance need to purchase a new one tonight, got the quote £75 for the year and a £20 voucher that was the cheapest i did look around. 
    ○not sorted anything yet but it will be started the weekend. Been a busy few days.
    ○not spent a penny today which is nice. Tomorrows plans arent as clear dds club in the morning, take a hot drink and snacks with me. I do have to pick my car from the garage which will be scary but we know how much it will cost and it needs doing.

    Plans for weekend and tonight 
    ●get new home insurance.
    ● sort out a bag of clothes for a friend (we swap the kids clothes so i have her older kids ones) 
    ● sort out some shoes to give me space and give them a good home....same friend as above.
    ● clean my car once its back from the garage as its a state.
    ●out for dinner sunday if it rains will stay home. 2 for 1 dinners no drinking aim to spend £25.
    ● need to do an inventory my cupboards are full but only with half meals so need to work out what i can piece together for a meal or what to buy to make it a meal.
    ●shopping list and meal plan using above.
    ●do online shop and stick to budget.
    ●need petrol...another expense that drives me mad.
    ●change beds and washing and hope to get as much dry on the line as possible.
    ●sort out airing cupboard as i have more blankets than i know what to do with! 

    This may seem boring as it is but when i get bored this weekend i will keep checking the lists and not wanting to go out spending when i have plenty to do thats free.

    If i keep myself occupied i can stop my spending which is the main problem for me atm.
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    Welcome you will get so much help from folks on here, one of the regular posters recommended if you are tempted to buy something (online) leave the item/items in your basket for a few days, I often do this and usually find when I go back to it I cant remember why I wanted it!!  I will be cheering you on FS
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    Good luck @Chopchop55. Keeping busy helps me a lot. I also enjoy watching Dave Ramsey and all the frugal people on YouTube😬
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    My WW and friends diary is here 😁 …

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    Happy shiny new diary  :)
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    I used to do the delivery saver but a subtle negative aspect to any subscription model is that people tend to use them more to get the "value" from them. You say it saves you but I suspect you're using the cost of individual deliveries to determine this - perhaps in actual fact you're actually spending more than if you used the occasional click and collect or in-store shop. Works for me 🙂
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