Contract change can I ask for redundancy

I have been furloughed since April 2020.  I was then on flexi furlough and work 3 days a week and furloughed for 2.  My employer has changed my contract to say as of 1st July I will be employed 3 days not 5 and no more furlough.  I have signed this a week ago.  Can I ask for redundancy? 


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    Probably not successfully given you have already signed and accepted the part time offer.
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    You can certainly ask. Whether or not you will get it is a different matter. Is your boss asking people to volunteer for redundancy? How long have you worked there?  

    If you have signed your new contract then it would appear that you have agreed to the new terms and conditions of your employment.

    For advice about any aspect of your employment, you can contact Acas, I've found them very helpful and knowledgeable in the past, although of course, they have to be impartial.  You could do worse than contact them for some advice.

    Link here -
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    Your employer needs someone to work 3 days a week. You have agreed to work 3 days a week. If you left, would your employer replace you? If the answer is yes, then there is no redundancy situation.

    This works both ways. An employer cannot make someone redundant and then go and employ someone to take their place (unless there are exceptional circumstances)
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