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My OH purchased a pair of reading glasses from Glasses Direct in late September last year, worn for a max of 1 hour a day.  A couple of weeks ago the arm on the frame snapped.
Glasses Direct have said they are unable to repair the frame.  They will not replace the frame even though its only been lightly used for 7 months.  They are asking for payment to replace a substandard frame that would probably snap again in a few months time.  I have contacted the company via email and await a response.  Very poor after sales service in my opinion.


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    To be fair they have absolutely no idea whether or not you mistreated them, sat on them, threw them at a wall etc..  I am sure you will say none of that happened, but you cannot prove that.  After 6 months the onus is on you to prove that any fault was there from manufacture.

    Maybe they will provide you with a gesture of goodwill.
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  • Sorry to say there's no good will from Glasses Direct.  They simply claim it was accidental damage, which is not true.  I was there when the frames just snapped for no reason.   There's know way of providing proof unless you had a camera attached to your head for the time the glasses were worn.
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    More than once I have broken a tooth.  I have said to my dentist 'I was only eating a sandwich', or 'I was eating a soft bun'.  As he tells me 'that is not when the damage was done, that is when it finally decided to give way'.  In your case the damage might have happen minutes, hours or days before hand but it just so happened that the final straw was when they were being set down.  Who knows what happened in the 7 months leading up to that event.
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    You can buy replacement arms for around £10 on ebay - with glasses direct selling their cheapest glasses not much above that (think I paid £21 including postage for two pairs?) you can maybe understand why they're not likely to do free repairs above and beyond the legal! 

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    I found GD customer service quite good that is when you can get through, as far as their frames go I found the cheap ones are not very sturdy with screws popping out, lenses also popping out when cleaning them.
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    I learned my lesson when I bought some cheap glasses from Specsavers because I'd damaged the previous ones and have very poor sight.  They lasted a month before they just broke.  Will never buy cheap glasses again (they still cost £70).  I also don't go to specsavers anymore. But I agree with the above post.  Glasses direct generally supply cheap glasses, and you usually find that this affects their quality when you get below a certain level of spending.
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    I have used Glasses Direct almost exclusively for many years since MSE listed a promotion code. I would get prescription from Specsavers but buy perfectly acceptable glasses very much cheaper from GD. No complaints till about 3 years ago when particularly customer service started deteriorating. I would be sent simply the wrong glasses - maybe distance instead of reading; I'd be told the lab couldn't proceed till I'd contacted them re a query which turned out to be nothing - an error. Increasingly I had to tell them I thought they had a flippant attitude to customers when they'd clearly got something wrong. I reviewed them in May 2020 on Trustpilot, and said just that; my latest two purchases had been of poorer manufacturing quality than previously, and I'd be moving elsewhere. I stand by that.
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