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Pet insurance- lifetime cover

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My pet insurance is up for renewal. We have been with pet plan, however they have put the price up £15 per month even though we have never claimed anything from them and has no long term medical conditions. In the last year he has only had one ear infection and one eye infection, both cleared up with one lot of antibiotics. 
He had a stomach problem in September 2019 which was treated with antibiotics and steroids and there have been no issues since. 

We are looking at taking out insurance with an alternative company. For a similar price per month we can either have lifetime cover for up to £15,000 per year but this would not cover anything related to the above or we could have pre-existing cover which would cover these issues but Up to £500 in the first year and would go up after that and would cover £7500 per year for new conditions. 
Which do you think would be the best? 


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