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Cat won’t come home after the first time

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I wondered if anyone had any advice or reassurance.

We have an eight month old cat who was neutered 2 months ago. We have been letting him outside in short bursts for the last week because he’s been absolutely desperate to go outside, mewing at the door, crying, etc. The first two or three times he stayed in the garden, the third time he jumped a fence but came back a couple of times within the hour, but yesterday at 11 he finally jumped one of the 6 foot fences. He was gone all day. We were really worried as I really thought he’d be back when he was hungry. At 11pm last night, we were totally RELIEVED as we could see him two houses over, sitting on a fence, just looking at us as we called him  :# we’ve left the door open all night but he still isn’t home. Is this normal for a cat who has finally ventured away from home and got a taste of the outside? I can’t believe he isn’t exhausted/hungry/needing water or just wanting to come home! He is a cuddly, needy, sociable cat usually, and when I call his name, usually comes bounding! 
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