Still paying finance on a car that was stolen

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I couldn’t find the exact category so hope somewhere here can maybe help.

I’ve been organising finances (spending etc) for myself and my girlfriend as we look towards saving for a property. After noticing that my girlfriend has an outgoing every month for £200 I asked about this in which she confessed she it still paying the finance costs for a car she had, but was stolen over a year ago. She has a crime reference number regarding this situation with the Police, as they actually ended up finding the engine of the car, but nothing else.

As she was going through a lot of personal issues at the time she never ended up filling in the relevant insurance documents and sending them off. She now feels very anxious talking about the situation and guilt regarding that she never resolved it at the time and has just accepted that she will have to pay.

Does anyone have any advice at all on where we can go from here? She still has two years of the finance to pay which would result in around £5000 in total lost on a car that doesn’t actually exist. I would think with a crime reference number this would act as total proof towards not having to pay the rest?

Many thanks in advance


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