Only one zero-fee 0% balance transfer card on market? Nab it quick or wait for others?

I need to do the 0% credit card shuffle again in June, I'd rather switch to a zero-fee balance transfer card so it costs me zilch, but I see there is only the Santander one listed. Is this really the only one out there? Should I nab it quickly before this deal ends (19th April), or wait for others? Is there a trend of these products being pulled from the market or is this just a brief blip?


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    NatWest also have a fee-free 0% BT card, but you need to have an account with NatWest in order to apply.

    Fee-free 0% BT cards completely disappeared from the market for several years, not so long ago. Looks like we might be heading that way again.
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    Why wait for others? If you can get it, it is 0% with no fee it is also 18months which unless you go back a few years is more than generous for 0% 0%. If more become available then switch again to extend the 0% in a year or so.
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    RBS have one too.  My husband managed to get both Natwest and RBS last week (he already has the Santander).
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